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Wil Adams • Artist of St George Utah

Wil Adams, Artist in St George Utah

Discovering Art Through Life's Journey

Art has a unique way of revealing itself to us, often weaving its presence through the tapestry of our lives in unexpected ways. For me, the journey into the world of art has been a winding path, shaped by life's experiences, thoughts, actions, and beliefs. I often ponder what truly influences my art the most, and the answer remains elusive, much like the ever-changing contours of creativity itself.

My artistic odyssey started to take shape during my college years when I was tasked with capturing the abstract beauty of nature through photography. Nature, I believed, was already perfect in its own right, and I questioned my ability to represent such perfection through art. However, as I began to view nature abstractly, I discovered it had more imperfections than I once thought. Allowing me to see how the imperfections could give rise to perfect compositions. My focus was drawn to the interplay of color and textures, and these elements continue to be focal points in my work today.

In my early art career, I honed my skills as a portrait photographer while also delving into the realm of transforming black and white photos into vibrant artworks using translucent oil paints. Those were the days when digital photo editing was but a distant dream, and the painstaking process of manipulating photos was a labor of love.

A dramatic shift in my career trajectory occurred in the 90's when I ventured into the world of healing arts as a massage therapist. Little did I know that this seemingly divergent path would eventually lead me back to art. As a sole business owner, I found myself constantly creating art and content for newsletters. Later on, my fascination with computers led me to explore various creative avenues, from designing websites to crafting video content and experimenting with Photoshop. Even the transition to email newsletters opened up new vistas for artistic expression.

Massage therapy, I soon realized, was an art in itself. Just as no two artists create the same piece, no two massage therapists deliver the same experience. Creativity and healing emanate from a unique space within us as healers, and our role is to translate what needs to be done into our own distinctive style. I liken it to wielding a tool belt of skills, talents, beliefs, insights, dreams, and visions, coupled with knowledge. It's a form of artistry that aims to transform lives in the moment.

The gratification of serving and helping people through massage therapy is undeniable. Yet, as the sands of time flow, a yearning to leave a lasting legacy beyond fading memories and stories took root within me. Art, I realized, offers a timeless opportunity to inspire generations, often without me ever knowing the individuals I influence. Art, for me, is a means of extracting a fragment of my soul and sharing it with the world. It's a creation nurtured in a space brimming with heartfelt emotions, healing intentions, inspiration, and spirituality. The essence of my art is to imbue these emotions, intentions, and skills into the artwork, allowing them to endure through time.

Around 2016, the need for reinvention beckoned. The stressors of life in 2018 led me to the world of relaxation through YouTube paint pouring videos. The mesmerizing process intrigued me, and I decided to try my hand at it one November day. I became utterly captivated, as the act of painting in itself proved to be even more relaxing than watching others.

Before long, our house was filled with an ever-growing collection of paintings. It was my wife who suggested I consider selling my creations. The prospect excited me, but I knew that to embark on this journey, I needed to develop a unique artistic style. During that stressful time, I also relied on God and my guides to help me through the lows. As I look back now, I believe these influences beyond myself guided me to paint and create art the way I do. As I often receive images and messages of the direction my style of art needs to move towards.

I'm grateful that art found me once again, as I embarked on this new chapter, feeling as though it was the path I was always meant to follow. My artwork is a testament to the rich tapestry of experiences that have shaped me, and I am acutely aware that without these diverse life influences, I would not have arrived at this point in my artistic journey.

Have a fantastic day.

Wil Adams
Desert Art Vibe